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Colorado Informed is a nonpartisan Civic Information Project which strives to educate Coloradans on objective truths. Our first campaign “Voting Made Easy” delivered straightforward and trusted tools to simplify the logistics of the voting process to help Colorado voters better understand their options.

Our latest campaign centers around raising awareness about the dangers of wildfires and what Coloradans can do to protect themselves and their communities against this pressing threat. This project brings together hundreds of wildfire-focused facts and resources to create a simplified, reliable source of scientifically-supported information. This innovative platform serves as an independent, nonpartisan centralized hub for proven research and facts regarding wildfire threat and mitigation techniques by providing access to a wealth of knowledge on wildfires from various sources. With this new tool, Colorado Informed aims to empower individuals, organizations, and communities with the information they need to make informed decisions about wildfire prevention, response, and recovery. By leveraging the collective expertise of these resources, Colorado Informed can deliver a comprehensive and integrated approach to wildfire management. Whether you’re a concerned citizen, a local government official, or someone who plays a vital role in supporting wildfire-affected communities, Colorado Informed’s latest project provides the necessary tools to stay informed, connected, and prepared.

Colorado Forum is a proud supporter of all Colorado Informed projects.


Wildfire Awareness

Thank you for your time and feedback to ensure we’re providing the most accurate information and helping make this campaign a resounding success.

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