Colorado Informed

A Civic Information Project


Colorado Informed
Colorado Informed is a nonpartisan Civic Information Project which strives to educate Coloradans on objective truths. This innovative platform serves as an independent, centralized hub for proven research and facts. We empower individuals, organizations, and communities with the information they need to make informed decisions about some of the most important issues facing Coloradans.
Colorado Forum is a proud supporter of all Colorado Informed projects.


Thank you for your time and feedback to ensure we’re providing the most accurate information and helping make Colorado Informed a resounding success.
The Colorado Forum
The Colorado Forum engages in deep research and thoughtful discussion, invite and listen to advocates on every side of an issue, and partner with others to create positive outcomes for Colorado and its citizens. With 80 of the most engaged business and civic leaders as members throughout the State, the Colorado Forum is a geographically and politically diverse, nonpartisan organization. We work closely with local, state, and federal governments as well as nonprofit organizations and businesses to affect positive change.