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“Our forests and communities are under enormous threat.
We need to identify solutions that match the scale and magnitude of the problem.”

— Harris Sherman,
Former Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment,
US Department of Agriculture and co-Chair, Forest Trends Board of Directors.


Deeper Dive Spotlight

Forest Trends was founded with the mission of putting an economic engine behind nature conservation – the idea being that our economy, our society, and our wellbeing all depend in very real and material ways on healthy natural ecosystems. They’re helping the next generation of leaders and institutions to accelerate climate solutions and partnering with indigenous and local communities to thrive in the new green economy. Forest Trends’ strategy relies on targeted outreach and convening diverse coalitions to build a shared understanding of assets at risk, identify areas of mutual interest, and build out innovative partnership investment strategies. 

In 2022, Forest Trends launched a new partnership with the US Forest Service to accelerate cross-sector innovation on the wildfire crisis. The partnership has begun with a focus on the Front Range of Colorado and the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in the state of Washington, two landscapes announced in the Forest Service’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy initial set of focus landscapes. 

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